Trading activity and relationship with partners

An independent operator, ENET’s business model incorporates organic growth, a disciplined approach to trading activity, and strong relationships with clients and partners.

Fortified with an ever-increasing wealth of knowledge, intuition and unique vision, ENET continues to successfully generate value and demonstrate resilience in a perennially volatile sector prone to continuous evolution.

ENET’s strong presence in the physical market of natural gas, and its positioning in the different phases of the value chain augments the company’s knowledge base and facilitates judicious expansion.


With a portfolio consisting of the major Italian municipalities and primary resellers, ENET Energy is one of the most active players in the market for city gates and hubs supplies.

Customer centricity, competitive supply conditions, high operating standards, flexibility and well managed long-term relationships have enabled ENET to secure a leading position in this segment.

Where we work


Trading is carried out on the main European hubs, where ENET is recognised as a dynamic participant. The need to provide significant physical volumes to its customers requires a continuous commitment of resources.

ENET’s portfolio is continually expanding, facilitating delivery of higher physical volumes, thanks to greater contractual transport and storage investment, and an increase in credit lines.

The diversity of each market dictates a need for specificity in supply-demand logistics. ENET’s capacity to transfer these volumes of natural gas between markets whilst maintaining a guaranteed liquid portfolio underpins the guiding principles of the company.

The company’s disciplined and proactive risk management strategy results in the skilful offering of bespoke solutions to its clients, which assists them in the management of physical risks and optimisation of opportunities within the market.


The constant presence in all phases of the value creation chain is supported by a portfolio of contractual assets, a 24/7 dispatching service and a strong collaboration between the various functional teams.

The company holds short and medium-term transport rights in the key systems and actively participates in the secondary transport capacity auctions.


The physical supply activity and the variations in the supply and demand structure of each market are supported by contractual positions in various storage facilities located in the major European countries.

Storage space is acquired on an annual basis and on shorter maturities based on the portfolio needs and availability of storage operators.