The story of a successful group

ENET Energy ownership works with high expertise, engagement and determination with the task of interpreting and anticipating any trends in the energy markets.

Co-owners of the company are skilled professionals in the engineering, economic and finance sectors. They are flanked by young talented individuals able to forecast and understand energy market trends.

The Company

Founded in Lugano, Switzerland in 2012, ENET operates in the international energy and commodity sector, specifically in the supply of natural gas to its clients in the main European countries. ENET’s commitment is to use the resources available and the experience gained over years of operations in a responsible and efficient manner, with the aim of always offering a professional service to its counterparts.

ENET’s clients and partners include the largest municipalities in Europe, distributors, resellers, multinationals, primary commodity trading companies and the principal European natural gas system operators.

We are a private, independent company based in Lugano, Switzerland. The company structure is divided into highly experienced functional teams.

ENET is owned by its managers, who work with the aim of ensuring strategic long-term expansion planning along with diligent and judicious risk management.

The company is structured according to the best international practice with a clear objective of operating in compliance with national and international standards. To this end, internal control mechanisms, procedures and regulations are implemented with due diligence toward the long-term interests of all shareholders and stakeholders.

Our business is based on rigorous risk management. The utmost attention is paid to a responsible and informed approach, across all departments, in order to ensure successful long-term development.

We are a company in constant growth, careful and prudent in risk management.


CEO – Matija Barudzija


The European natural gas market is one of the most advanced environments in terms of liquidity, participation, and reduction of barriers to competition. This evolution was made possible by a capillary infrastructure (distribution networks, storage facilities, interconnections) and by a strong legislative push by competent Authorities.

ENET operates in the natural gas market. The company manages a physical supply portfolio at European level, transporting natural gas between the various hubs and efficiently using its transport and storage contract infrastructure.

ENET is active at different levels of the value chain and is primarily positioned in the midstream segment.

Our business is based on effective long-term relationships with clients, on experience, market knowledge, and, fundamentally, on the reputation acquired through the safe, punctual and precise execution of the signed contracts.

We are based in Lugano, Switzerland. The operating philosophy is to always guarantee maximum transparency and communication between the various functional teams, in line with the principles of trust, teamwork, and common growth.

Business Development

ENET’s focus on the physical supply business to its counterparts facilitates comprehensive structuring and management of its portfolio.

In addition to standard operating activities, ENET dedicates part of its resources to the following segments:

  • Natural gas origination:
    The commercial teams are able to offer bespoke products in response to diverse specificities of target portfolios. These products may include indexing to other natural gas markets or to other commodities, e.g. oil. The bespoke facility offers a range of options and can be linked to the optimisation of contract assets such as storage and transportation.
  • Renewables:
    An integral part of the long-term strategy is the evaluation, acquisition, and management of renewable assets (such as hydroelectric plants, for example).


ENET is a dynamic operator with a record of continued growth in the key European markets. As can be seen in the graph below, the company is growing steadily, with a turnover in excess of CHF 1 billion.

These achievements buck the trend in the commodities market. They illustrate the quality of the work, the rational strategy, and the company’s orientation towards the consistent generation of profit opportunities. The company has always been profitable since its inception.

All the main documents (budgets, statistics, presentations) are accessible and available to stakeholders in the login section of this website.

Risk Management

The principles of risk management are based on a disciplined and transparent approach to counterparty trading and management activities. All procedures are studied and detailed according to the best professional guidelines on the subject and constantly updated. The monitoring of all relevant risks is performed on a continuous basis, in real time. The separation of the various functions and monitoring phases is rigorously applied among the various functional teams.

Financial risks:
Credit risk is managed at various levels under the control of the credit and finance manager. The objective of ensuring a business flow and seizing trading opportunities is pursued by applying risk mitigation procedures at the counterparty, market and credit level.

The position of ENET’s portfolio is monitored in real time. All contracts are valued at mark to market based on daily closures.

Operational risks:
The supply of natural gas requires the correct execution of a series of procedures, both in operational functions and in compliance with the regulations in force in the various countries. Compliance with contracts is guaranteed by a constant investment aimed at achieving the highest standards in the sector with regard to correct execution, client service and compliance with the needs of all the stakeholders involved.

Portfolio risks:
The various positions taken in the various markets in which we operate require constant monitoring. To this end, the risk management team uses risk simulation measures, such as sensitivity and stress tests, so as to ensure maintenance of a balanced and manageable position.