The energy market is considerably complex. It requires professionals able to interpret and anticipate the market. ENET Energy’s gas team successfully trades all major countries in western and eastern Europe, exploiting the many opportunities they offer.

ENET Energy gives priority to scalable trading approaches, with proven track record. The main objective is to allocate capital to trading positions and manage a liquid portfolio, without taking exposure on long-term maturities (over 2 years) and/or invest in fix assets.

ENET Energy offers the exposure to a trading model based on spread trading across European natural gas and electricity markets.

A disciplined approach, good positioning on main markets with an excellent operational support in terms of people and infrastructure guarantees proper execution and risk management.

Access to key European markets and management of a diversified portfolio allow ENET Energy to effectively reduce the risks normally related to this activity.

The physical operations include buying and optimizing storage and cross-border capacities. ENET Energy’s team is able to monetize the volatility and the spreads among different markets and maturities.

ENET Energy platform provides business partners with physical services such as 24/7 scheduling, marketing, procurement, storage and asset optimization. With gas markets increasingly open 24/7, ENET Energy is ideally placed to offer contract optimization to maximize the returns from embedded contract flexibility

ENET Energy operates with a proven business model and has a very positive past performance.